2014 Queer Practices, Places, and Lives Conference: 5/16/14-5/17/14 Awards and Recognition for Daniel Rivers' Radical Relations Lisa Cravens-Brown Receives the Provost's Award for Teaching by a Lecturer Brieann Schmidt Awarded Summer  Internship with Sexual Empowerment Coach and Sex Educator Amy Jo Goddard Successful New Faculty Lecture Series LGBT Adoption Rights on Trial in History 2630: History of Modern Sexualities Alumni Profile: Caroline Engler Photo of Chase Ledin presenting, link to Undergraduate and Conference Presentations

Sexuality Studies examines how social, historical, psychological, literary, legal, biological, and political contexts shape sexual practices, expressions, identities, and representations.


Sexuality Studies at OSU offers a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization, a Bachelor of Arts degree, and the third-highest enrolling interdisciplinary Undergraduate minor at the University.

The program also sponsors many events and collaborates as a member of the Diversity & Identity Studies Collective at OSU (DISCO).

The Sexuality Studies Oversight Committee provides direction for the program in all areas--including curricular, leadership, research, student success, assessment, scholarships, and development--and is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of faculty, students, and staff.